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curlygurl ([personal profile] curlygurl) wrote2004-06-22 11:17 pm

Mosquito Magnet, anyone?

We're considering getting one of these, but they are so freakin' expensive. Does anyone have any experience or comments regarding these things. Mosquitos are especially bad this year.

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If that is the thing that runs on a propane tank, Michael's partner has one in his backyard. We went to a party there last summer and there was not a mosquito in sight.

I'm lucky that mosquitos don't like me for some reason, and they spray our neighborhood almost every night during the summer, so we don't have much of a problem with them. Otherwise, I would definitely invest in something like that -- no fun being outside when you're getting eaten alive. ;-)

We Bought It!!

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Just installed this today... I'll update on the mosquito situation. :0

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Off topic...

But I love your screen name and pic...I'm a curly girl too. We gotta stick together!!!